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TraQline SKU Metrix is indispensable for merchandising, product assortment, and planning. Real-time competitive pricing and comparisons save you time and money - empowering you to develop promotional plans, pricing strategies, and identify winning market opportunities.

Real-time pricing updated each weekday for all SKUs at all major retailers.

Prices updated every weekday.

Easy comparison of feature sets across brands

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Your team may rely on floor teams, web scraping, and other real-time personnel and tools to collect data. SKU Metrix handles these tasks with ease, simplifying real-time major appliance brand data and saving hundreds of hours on data collection.

Cross-functional Teams

Cross-functional Teams

SKU Metrix can unite multiple functions with a shared platform and language

  • Prepare and rapidly respond to new product introductions
  • Effectively plan and assess pricing changes and promotions
  • Create comprehensive product training sessions
  • Include in new hire training curriculum for competitive familiarity
Category Management

Category Management

Improve communications with retailers in order to better optimize your assortment

  • Optimize your assortment across all major appliance brands and models
  • Improve retailer insights and communications
  • Identify new product features and new opportunities
  • Identify product category gaps to be filled
Product Management

Product Management

SKU Metrix data enables you to identify untapped market opportunities and expand your business.

  • Find the sweet spot for new product introductions
  • Identify growth opportunities to optimize assortment across brands/models
  • Determine optional feature sets and retail pricing
  • Reveal competitive weaknesses—before they affect your bottom line
Sales Teams

Sales Teams

Empower sales personnel with in-depth intelligence about competitive offerings

  • SKU Metrix can validate competitive offerings to justify response
  • Analyze all brands and models to optimize product lineups at retailers
  • Organize and present data for use in client meetings
  • Establish a common language to achieve shared goals
Merchandising / Product Teams

Merchandising /
Product Teams

Use SKU Metrix as an indispensable tool to develop merchandising plans and determine promotional effectiveness

  • Develop winning promotional plans and refine pricing strategies
  • Optimize your merchandising strategy for more sales
  • Review competitive product images.
  • Align teams across multiple categories with ease
Onboarding Personnel

Onboarding Personnel

TraQline SKU Metrix data decreases training time and increases onboarding efficiency with consolidated retail competitive intelligence

  • Significantly decrease onboarding time
  • Speeds the process of finding competitive models
  • Quickly learn to identify key SKUs and distribution at major retailers.
  • Easy-to-use product library for different categories


Strengthen your retail offerings using competitive insights from SKU Metrix.

  • Improve communications with your trade partners
  • Propose new product offerings by using in-depth SKU comparisons
  • Confirm pricing and lineup among competitors
  • TraQline's SKU Metrix makes it easy to prepare data for use in supplier meetings
Pricing Teams

Pricing Teams

Monitor pricing and promotions among top SKUs, identify gaps in pricing, and optimize your pricing.

  • Highlight new product introductions
  • Identify price gaps and margin opportunities.
  • Determine optimal feature sets and pricing
  • Simplify pricing reviews and approval process with internal clients (i.e. Marketing)

The definitive feature list for every competitive SKU

Our library is updated with the largest major appliance feature list available. Aggregate multiple brands by any feature such as color, width, or configuration - TraQline SKU MetrixTM easily compares all appliance product features.

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  • Dryers (386 SKUs)
  • Refrigerators (1,990 SKUs)
  • Freezers (349 SKUs)
  • Wine & Beverage Coolers (440 SKUs)
  • Freestanding Icemakers (157 SKUs)
Air Conditioners
  • Air Conditioners (449 SKUs)
  • Dehumidifiers (71 SKUs)
Wall Ovens
  • Ranges (1,678 SKUs)
  • Wall Ovens (543 SKUs)
  • Cooktops (662 SKUs)
  • Microwaves (594 SKUs)
  • Dishwashers (591 SKUs)
  • Trash Compactors (10 SKUs)
  • Garbage Disposers (57 SKUs)

As a consumer insights expert, TraQline SKU MetrixTM App has more than proven its ROI by eliminating the subjectivity and inconsistency of sales reps reporting from the field. It allows us to replace archaic systems with technology, enabling sales, merchant teams, and product development to make data-driven decisions.

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